How to Detail Carpet Mats

Welcome back to! Today, we are going to detail car carpets with Charlotte Car Detail. If you’ve got dirty carpets in your car, then this article was written for you. Although we recommend WeatherTech liners, carpet mats are much more affordable. Unfortunately, carpet car mats attract more dirt than rubber liners like WeatherTech and Husky Liners.

Before you detail your carpet car mats, you’ll need a few tools! First, we have a high pH carpet pre-spray. This spray is designed to loosen up the dirt, debris, and stains effectively. Second, we have two brushes. If you’re looking for professional cleaning, then you should use a brush drill attachment. Third, we have premium carpet shampoo. We prefer purchasing from a big box retailer, so we don’t always use the most expensive product. Instead, we use the products that work. Last, we have a carpet extractor. Typically, we add the premium carpet shampoo to the clean reservoir tank of the carpet extractor. 

A carpet extractor is a wonderful machine! It has three functions – heater, pump, and vacuum. After adding water to the extractor, the extractor heats the water to 210 degrees with hot coils that are on the internals of the system. After heating the water, the extractor sprays the water onto the carpet while simultaneously sucking the dirt, debris, and oil. 

So, let’s get into the process of detailing car carpets. First, spray the pre-spray on the heavier stained areas. Then, mist the mats with water until they are damp. After misting the carpets, we use the drill brush to loosen up the debris in the carpets. If you’re not comfortable using a drill brush, then you can use a hand bristle brush. With anything in car detailing, you really want the products and the tools to do the work for you. With the drill brush, it isn’t necessary to apply extra pressure. Additionally, we aren’t running the drill at full speed. After loosening the debris, we’ll use the hot water carpet extractor. 

So, we’ve done one pass on the carpet with the extractor. As you may believe, the difference is astronomical! We pulled lots of debris from the carpets, and they are much cleaner. Although this process was for car mats, it works for upholstery seats too. Upholstery is a bit more fragile, so just be careful! 

Lastly, the carpets will still be a bit damp. If you close your car doors with the mats inside, then you may get mold or mildew. We recommend leaving them outside to dry, or putting a fan in the vehicle. So, that wraps up our article on carpet cleaning.